How to Plan an Incentive Trip: The Beginning Stages

You’re ready to reward your employees with an unforgettable incentive trip. Now you’re probably wondering how to plan an incentive trip. Before you start thinking about where you should go, there are three important steps in the beginning stages that we outline below. Step 1 – Know Your Audience Your trip is most likely to […]

How to Retain Millennial Employees

You’ve hired someone who is a good fit for your organization, they excel in their role, and they fit in with the company culture. So what can you do to keep that employee? When it comes down to how to retain millennial employees, it is not always what you think. Millennials, a term that typically […]

Together is Better

Brownell CEO & President Troy Haas gives insight on the importance of spending time together as an organization. In this age of all things digital, relationships are crucial. As Simon Sinek put it, “Joy and fulfillment come from human interaction.” Spending time face-to-face with your team in your office and, perhaps even more importantly, outside […]

Why Use an Incentive Travel Planner

Many successful businesses understand that incentive travel is a valuable tool to motivate, engage, retain, and increase productivity in an organization’s most valuable asset- its people! In fact, non-cash rewards like travel are 2-3 times more effective than cash awards, according to the Incentive Research Foundation. Given the impact that a well-executed incentive travel program […]


The Dos and Don’ts of Planning an Incentive Trip

Do you ever wonder what the most effective way to motivate your employees is or how to retain top talent? What about ways to strengthen relationships with clients or increase productivity within your team? No need to keep wondering – incentive travel is an extremely powerful tool that can accomplish all of those goals. In […]

Blue is the New Green: The Advantages of an Incentive Cruise

So you’re a smart, savvy business person who has decided to use incentive travel as a motivational tool for employees (good on you since non-cash rewards like travel are 2-3x more effective than cash AND for every dollar spent on incentive travel, there is a $12.50 increase in revenue!).  Now you need to determine what […]

3 Undeniable Reasons to Use Incentive Travel in 2017

  Improving your business in 2017 doesn’t have to be a massive undertaking. Next year, incorporate incentive travel into your organization plan. It benefits both you and your employees in a fun and exciting way. Still not sure? Read these three undeniable reasons to use incentive travel to learn more. More Bang for your Buck! In […]