Back to Business – The Fun Part

  “You’re on mute.” “Can you see my screen?” and other pandemic-related, overused work phrases were replaced last week with “It’s so good to see you!” and “Can I hug you?” by employees on an incredible incentive trip to the island of Nassau in the Bahamas.   The Brownell Incentive Travel team worked with a […]

What to Expect When Traveling During COVID-19

  New Business Development Executive Dawn Bridges shares what to expect when traveling during COVID-19. Whether that means making different decisions for back to school this year, learning how to be a remote worker, or deciding whether to travel or not, we are all doing our best to navigate the “new normal.” While not everyone […]

Discover the World from Home

Although COVID-19 has put a halt on current travel plans, that doesn’t mean we have to press pause on staying engaged and excited to explore the world when we can. Travel is a powerful tool for bringing people together, and thanks to technology, we are still able to experience the world with our friends and colleagues […]

The Debate: Company Group Trips

  Some people love company group trips while others dread the idea. This Wall Street Journal article examines both views and Brownell CEO & President Troy Haas stands firmly on the “Why I Love Them” side of the debate. See a few of the reasons why he sees the company group trip as a positive […]


The True Value of Incentive Travel

Brownell CEO & President Troy Haas explains the true value of incentive travel.  Although Brownell is widely recognized for the leisure vacations we’ve crafted over the past 132 years, we also have an equally successful, but lesser known, Incentive Travel division. Incentive and rewards travel have earned a bit of bad rap – and maybe […]

4 Ways an Incentive Travel Expert Will Save You Time

Brownell Incentive Travel New Business Development Executive Annette Furman shares how an Incentive Travel Expert will save you time. At a recent event I was asked “what advice would you give to someone who is considering an incentive trip for their company?” My immediate response was to go for it! An incentive trip is one […]

Is Travel Good For Your Career?

The answer is a resounding YES! There are many scientific studies that show there are actual health benefits associated with traveling, but it doesn’t stop there. Many professional development consultants, recruiters, and career coaches firmly believe that traveling also makes you a better employee and job candidate. It’s easy to think of traveling as an […]

When Good Trips Go Bad (& How We Fix It!)

Planning the perfect incentive trip comes naturally to Brownell’s experienced team of program managers. But what happens when there’s a bump in the road during your hard-earned getaway? Take a look at some real-life examples of how our team can ensure that your trip remains smooth, even when unexpected issues arise. Rain, rain, go AWAY! […]


The Best All-Inclusive Resorts for Incentive Groups

It’s easy to think that all-inclusive resorts are created equal. And while some aspects of all-inclusive hotels and resorts are the same, there are so many types of all-inclusive resorts that work for different groups. When you work with Brownell Incentive Travel, we help you find the best property that fits your organization’s unique wants […]

How to Motivate and Recognize Employees in 2019

It is no secret that employees want some type of recognition to stay motivated for their hard work and company contributions. According to this Harvard Business Review article, 82% of Americans don’t feel that their supervisors recognize them enough for their contributions. The article went on to say that “40% of employed Americans say they […]