4 Ways an Incentive Travel Expert Will Save You Time

Brownell Incentive Travel New Business Development Executive Annette Furman shares how an Incentive Travel Expert will save you time.

At a recent event I was asked “what advice would you give to someone who is considering an incentive trip for their company?” My immediate response was to go for it! An incentive trip is one of the best and most exciting decisions you can make for your company, but save yourself some time and make sure you talk to an expert.

Many companies, especially those with in-house planners, don’t think that they need to get the help of an experience incentive travel firm. The truth is that an experienced planner will work alongside you and your team to make the most of your most important, non-renewable asset: your time. Below, I share four key ways an incentive travel expert can save you time.


There are only so many hours in a day, and chances are your job description does not include “travel planner.”  Incentive travel planners, like the experts at Brownell Incentive Travel, know what it takes to get the job done because they have years of experience planning successful programs. Let’s face it, there is extensive planning before, during, and after the program that can add up to weeks – and even months – away from your job. You need someone with the knowledge of how to plan and execute a successful program and the inside scoop on the best properties for incentive groups, the hottest locations, what’s trending, and where not to go so you’re not spending hours upon hours doing endless research.


Alongside experience and just as important when it comes to saving time are industry partnerships. It’s impossible to be an expert on the world, so it is crucial to know people all over who can help you plan your incentive trip. At Brownell Incentive Travel, we have relationships with the top travel suppliers that are decades in the making. This means that instead of you trying to figure out who to call, chances are we have them on speed dial.

Client Communication:

Being able to share information efficiently with your team about an incentive trip is critical. You don’t need the attendees calling you throughout the day with questions, so we create custom registration websites so people have access to travel information 24/7. We can also customize a mobile app which allows you to interact with attendees throughout the entire travel experience, even outside U.S. borders. With the touch of a button our clients have the ability to send alerts such as time or location change, push reminders and even upload photos for social interactions.

Air Assistance:

Finally, one of the most time consuming, and dare I say stressful, parts of planning a travel program can be the air. The last thing you want to do is have to call an airline’s 1-800 number during a flight delay or cancellation—this could mean hours on hold. Our in-house air department is available around-the-clock to assist with flight issues or changes.

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