Discover the World from Home

Although COVID-19 has put a halt on current travel plans, that doesn’t mean we have to press pause on staying engaged and excited to explore the world when we can. Travel is a powerful tool for bringing people together, and thanks to technology, we are still able to experience the world with our friends and colleagues even during these unprecedented times of social distancing. Our team has compiled a list of resources that give you the chance to discover the world without ever leaving your home.


Take a virtual tour of the exhibits on display in some of the most famous museums in the world without ever getting off the couch. Explore the National Museum of History, the Guggenheim, or many other museums here and here.


Want to dive a little deeper? Our friends at Context Travel are now offering Context Conversations. These 90-minute seminars let you discover more about a museum or destination first-hand with well-versed and popular scholars. Select your date and time here, and schedule your seminar to enjoy the conversation from home.


Sometime the best escape can be found sitting on your bookshelf! We’re sharing a few of our favorites in the latest editions of Brownell Book club and other must-read lists!


We could all use a break from the news. Let the scenes of our favorite movies transport your to different place and time.

TASTEs from around THE WORLD

Bring the world to your kitchen! Our Executive Vice President Meg North and a few of our partners and friends kindly share their cocktail, appetizer, and entree recipes to tithe us over until we can finally enjoy gelato in Italy once again.

see the world in real time

Experience some of our favorite hotels in a few of our favorite places in real time! More and more properties are now offering live streaming of their views around the world.


Are you doubling as a part time homeschool teacherl? Here are a few things to keep our younger travelers occupied: