Seven Ways Incentive Travel Improves Morale

Many organizations know that incentive travel can be used to motivate employees, but it is also a powerful tool for morale. Here are seven ways that an incentive trip improves morale in the workplace.

1. Anticipation

Incentive travel programs can build excitement for weeks and even months before the event.

2. Healthy Competition

Incentives instill a feeling of healthy competition causing people to work harder and smarter in order to earn the trip.

3. Team Building

When team members are together in a more relaxed environment, they have the opportunity to see each other in a different light and grow closer through the experience of travel.

4. Increased Loyalty

Once an employee earns their place on an incentive trip, he/she may be less likely to move to an organization that does not offer this type of opportunity.

5. Experiences

Cash awards are often used for paying debts or purchasing “stuff”, but a travel experience has a lasting impact.

6. Universal Appeal

From Baby-boomers to Gen Xers and Millenials, travel and time away from the day-to-day work requirements appeal to all.

7. Trophy Value

An incentive trip carries a strong “trophy value.” Attendees are likely to return back to work talking about their amazing experience, and other employees will feel motivated to earn the next trip.

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