The Debate: Company Group Trips


Some people love company group trips while others dread the idea. This Wall Street Journal article examines both views and Brownell CEO & President Troy Haas stands firmly on the “Why I Love Them” side of the debate. See a few of the reasons why he sees the company group trip as a positive for business.

Stronger Relationships

When you’re in the normal office dynamic, it can be difficult to develop relationships beyond the surface. Spending time together away and sharing new experiences together takes the relationship to a deeper level. During a company group trip, team members can also bring their significant others, providing the opportunity to get to know both people outside of work. Plus, the partner can engage with the company in a relaxed and fun setting.


With a stronger relationship comes trust, an essential building block of a strong workplace. All businesses can have ups and downs, and when there is trust, you can get through it together.

Talent Retention

Now that you have strong relationships and trust, it is much easier to retain top talent. You have taken time to invest in your team, and in return, they are more loyal to you.

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