Together is Better

Brownell CEO & President Troy Haas gives insight on the importance of spending time together as an organization.

In this age of all things digital, relationships are crucial. As Simon Sinek put it, “Joy and fulfillment come from human interaction.” Spending time face-to-face with your team in your office and, perhaps even more importantly, outside of your office creates a sense of community and builds bonds that cannot be made any other way.

I just spent a week in Vienna with so many of the people who have helped our team succeed during our annual “1887 Club” trip, and there is something truly special about seeing a destination together.

Together, we get to know one another in ways we may not perceive while at work; we gain new perspectives by seeing through another’s eyes; we deepen our trust through an exceptional travel experience.

Vienna is an especially lovely city to explore on foot with friends. Brownell’s “1887 Club” destination for 2018 offers so much: wonderful parks, food, wine, desserts, museums, and, at the end of the day, lovely hotels where we can rest our heads. It’s a great place to reward, share, and enjoy colleagues and friends.

Incentive reward programs like our “1887 Club” trip do help elevate performance. But even more significantly, they remind us that we are better, together. I am thankful for this amazing team and the journey we share.