When Good Trips Go Bad (& How We Fix It!)

Planning the perfect incentive trip comes naturally to Brownell’s experienced team of program managers. But what happens when there’s a bump in the road during your hard-earned getaway? Take a look at some real-life examples of how our team can ensure that your trip remains smooth, even when unexpected issues arise.

Rain, rain, go AWAY!

While we do our best to maintain every detail of our client’s trip, we haven’t been able to master controlling the weather yet. On a program of over 600 participants in Hawaii, our team had set up a stunning outdoor reception, just as the last table was set, the clouds turned. Our quick-thinking program staff worked hand-in-hand with the hotel staff to make sure all of the client’s table linens, centerpieces, table numbers and food and beverage service was moved indoors before the weather arrived. We were able to save all of the client’s décor from the weather and manage to keep the event on schedule, plus notify the guests of the venue change.

Lost, found, and left behind

Brownell prides itself on our personal service; we like to think it’s one of the many perks of working with a boutique firm. A great example of what we consider our standard of service is in how we treat our client’s guests. On more than one occasion, our team has gone above and beyond to retrieve lost items for trip guests, including nearly missing flights! One of our team members even flew to Florida and back in one day, just to retrieve carry-on luggage that was left at the airport.

When disaster strikes

We understand that we live in a volatile world and unpredictable society, and that’s why Brownell has trained our entire staff on emergency contingency plans. The safety of our clients is our top priority, and we make sure our team is prepared in case disaster occurs while traveling- natural or human. In addition, we ensure that all of our partners (destination management companies, hotels, cruise lines, etc) have security and contingency plans in place before we recommend them to our clients.

Executive schedules

Our staff does everything in their power to make sure we accommodate the busy schedules of your executive teams. Our deep connections in the travel industry mean that our trusted partners are willing to give us a hand for our VIP guests. For a Caribbean cruise, we successfully flew a busy CEO into the point of embarkation so that he was present for the trip welcome reception. The next day, we arranged for the vessel to make a quick stop at a special port just for the CEO to depart the ship and resume his regular schedule.

Dreaded delays

Our dedicated team of air professionals truly sets Brownell apart. Our air desk works with each passenger individually to book their ticket in accordance with their schedule, preferences and company’s booking guidelines. In the case of delays or cancellations, they can make changes so neither you nor your clients have to sit on the phone with the airline for hours. We’ve rebooked entire groups when the weather causes delays to ensure that travelers are not left waiting at the airport. And it doesn’t stop there – we offer on-the-ground support to keep day-of travel running smoothly. We’ve delivered lost luggage to clients ourselves to expedite the process, and we will meet our clients at the airport no matter the time of arrival or departure.

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