4 Ways an Incentive Travel Expert Will Save You Time

Brownell Incentive Travel New Business Development Executive Annette Furman shares how an Incentive Travel Expert will save you time. At a recent event I was asked “what advice would you give to someone who is considering an incentive trip for their company?” My immediate response was to go for it! An incentive trip is one […]

When Good Trips Go Bad (& How We Fix It!)

Planning the perfect incentive trip comes naturally to Brownell’s experienced team of program managers. But what happens when there’s a bump in the road during your hard-earned getaway? Take a look at some real-life examples of how our team can ensure that your trip remains smooth, even when unexpected issues arise. Rain, rain, go AWAY! […]

Incentive Travel: Why Reputation & Stability Matters

According to Incentive Mag, a major seller of meeting and incentive travel suddenly announce it was going out of business last week. The report says that all employees were terminated and the fate of the clients is still unclear. But what is most shocking about this breaking news is that it’s not all that uncommon […]