Q: Why should I use an incentive travel management company instead of planning on my own?
A: A company incentive trip is a large investment of both your time and money. Taking advantage of an expert travel team will help to invest both wisely. Brownell adds value to your program through our pre-trip planning, program execution and partner relationships. We leverage our partnerships to provide you with the most competitive rates.


Q: What is the ROI on incentive travel programs?
A: ROI on incentive travel programs is measured in many different ways. We strongly believe that travel programs result in increased loyalty, bonding opportunities and increased motivation. 100% of Best-In-Class companies within their industry offer travel rewards to recognize success.


Q: What size groups do you work with?
A: We have experience working with groups of all sizes. We’ve coordinated executive retreats as intimate at 10 participants to large-scale programs upwards of 700 participants. We have experience coordinating these sizes through both domestic and international programs.


Q: How much will it cost?
A: We include our fee into your per person trip pricing. No matter your budget, we can make your trip possible.


Q: Where do you travel?
A: We have access to partnerships all over the world, allowing us to never be limited by destination. We have experience coordinating domestic programs, international programs, and cruise programs.


Q: What hotels do you work with?
A: We are happy to work with the hotel of your choice; however, Brownell is a proud preferred partner of Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Four Seasons Hotels, Starwood Hotels, Marriott Hotels and Rosewood Hotels and Resorts as well as many cruise partners.


Q: Do I need to know where my company wants to travel?
A: Absolutely not! Our custom Discover More process allows our team to discuss your company’s goals and objectives to uncover a destination, itinerary or resort that meets your budget, goals and needs.


Q: Can you help me book airline tickets?
A: Yes! Brownell Incentive Travel has an experience Air Desk which books tickets for all of our program participants. Our Air Desk can find the best flights for your schedule as well as manage itinerary changes, cancellations and delays. On travel days, our Air Desk is open and available from the first flight to the last- no matter the time of day.


Q: Do you have a registration tool?
A: Yes! We create a custom registration website for your trip that your participants can access online 24/7.