Discover More




Discover More is our collaborative experience for clients who understand that travel is more than merely taking a trip. Our role is to become your trusted advisor for your most treasured resource – your time away.


  • Together, we will uncover your vision for the perfect trip.
  • This stage is more about WHY you want to travel, than where.
  • Through a brief and thoughtful DISCOVER conversation we understand your unique dreams and goals.


  • We work hand-in-hand to develop an itinerary, perfectly tailored for you.
  • Your travel advisor team edits the travel options to those that are right for you.
  • The details are verified, checked and re-checked so you don’t have to.


  • Your reservations are finalized, but your travel advisor team remains engaged with you and our partners.
  • Your travel advisor team connects with our enviable black book of contacts to discuss possible upgrades, amenities and special perks.
  • You receive a special delivery of the famed Brownell “Red” Documents with final itineraries.


  • Bon Voyage! Discover the difference while travelling ‘The Brownell Way.’
  • We prep our partners to prepare for your arrival.
  • While you are travelling, your advisor team is working behind the scenes to ensure all is running smoothly and make adjustments as needed.


  • Welcome home! We relive the magic of your trip together through a post-trip interview.
  • Share with us the highlights of your trip so we can learn more about your travel preferences.
  • Where do you want to go next and how can we make it magical for you?