Sales Incentives

Sales compensation plans matter. Let us design an innovative solution.

From grand kick-off meetings to flashy contests, sales executives are always looking for new ways to motivate their teams. Annually, U.S. companies spend $800 billion* on sales compensation plans, making it the single largest marketing investment. Sales targets cannot afford to be missed.

Growing companies of all sizes and across all industries believe in using incentive travel programs to recruit and retain top talent, spark performance, and ignite results.

Why do they believe it? Because travel incentives work.

Brownell works with your company to create programs that effectively reward employees through unique travel experiences. We carefully design itineraries that create positive, memorable interactions and develop deep bonds between participants that prove impossible to replicate inside an office.

Your people are your greatest resource.

Do you want a sales compensation plan that merely works on one that thrives?

Drive your top performers to exceed their goals and fuel future motivation through travel incentive programs.

 *Harvard Business Review, Motivating Salespeople: What Really Works (2012)